Broadband Phone Are You Paying Extra And Getting Less

There exists an abundance of service providers aggressively competing with one another in an attempt to win your business. Their offering great broadband phone services that you can use with that overpriced broadband Internet connection your already paying for. You can just imagine the plethora of plans their offering at very competitive rates, with features your probably not getting with your existing traditional phone company. In many cases, you can even keep your old phone number when you switch.

If your wondering, what a broadband phone is, you've come to the right place. It's basically a phone that uses your internet connection to talk and listen over. You may have heard of something called "voice over internet protocol", or VoiP for short. It's the technology that converts your voice spoken into a phone into digital bits and bytes that can be understood by computers, and transmitted over the internet. The process, is of course reversed at the other end for the benefit of the person listening to your call. Saving money is attractive to everyone, and is part of the many reasons that broadband phone services are so popular.

Now before you get all gung-ho about this technology, there are a few pitfalls that should be considered. Some of these may or may not apply to you, so be sure to ask when shopping around. First of all, you need to have a high-speed internet connection.

Anything less will provide sub par sound quality and usability. As with all things computer based, this technology is subject to hackers and virus attacks. Be sure to check on 911 and international call restrictions from any potential provider you may be considering. While it's great, that companies are providing plenty of broadband phone services, it would be foolhardy not to spend some time investigating and comparing the disparate packages being offered.

Be sure to pay attention to the fine print. Vonage is one of the popular players in this marketplace, and they would be a great place to start looking. Be sure to consider cost of any new equipment you may require.

BBTELSYS is another company providing broad phone services that you may want to consider. Of course, with all emerging technologies, this one will be sure to get better in time. It's been around for quite a few years, but just lately is beginning to achieve a critical mass. Also, there is the cool factor that applies to this tech. So if your one of those early adopters, or just a major geek, then you may have jumped on this bandwagon already.

Otherwise, do your homework, and I'm sure you can find a deal that works for you.

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