Does a Microsoft Registry Cleaner Remove Spyware and Malware

Its just about impossible to expect consistent performance from your PC without cleaning the register regularly. As time goes on, a Microsoft Registry tends to become built up with entries, which are no longer valid. The only thing you can do to avoid this problem is to use a registry scanner regularly.

A good registry scanner will scan and find any invalid entries in the registry. These types of entries are also known as registry corruption.

After finding corruption, the scanner will then clean or repair this corruption. If steps are not taken to clean registry corruption you will end up with a computer that is slow, maybe very slow and prone to errors and crashing.

A Different Problem: Spyware and Malware

At first, having spyware on your computer can make it act similarly to the way registry corruption will make a computer behave. In its earliest and most innocuous stages, spyware simply steals resources from the computer. This stealing of resources will make the computer perform more slowly. Obviously, if a small amount of spyware will slow down the computer a little, a lot of spyware will slow down the computer a lot.

To complicate things, there is a lot more to the story of spyware and malware. Spyware is one form of malware. Malware can be very harmful to your computer, but whats worse it can actually be harmful to your personal life! There are forms of spyware and malware that simply take note of what sites youve been to and use this information to aid companies in their sales projects.

Other forms of spyware and malware can get deeply into your Web surfing habits.

They can steal your personal passwords, Social Security number, credit card numbers and even banking information. Needless to say, this type of information the in hands of thieves could do a lot to make financial gains for them while leaving you bankrupt.

Registry Cleaning Vs. Spyware Cleaning

Using a registry cleaner will certainly put your computers registry back in top condition.

This is important because you cant get good service from your computer if it has a corrupt registry. A registry cleaner, however, doesnt clean spyware, malware, adware and other types of parasites. To do this a spyware cleaner is needed.

In much the same way a registry scanner works, a spyware scanner will scan a computers hard drive and find parasites.

Hopefully, the scanner will be able to eliminate any of those it finds from your computer, but it will not do anything to repair registry corruption.

This means to keep your computer operating in good health, you need both a registry cleaner and a spyware cleaner.

One Package, Or Two Separate Programs?

There are companies who sell packages that include both, but still the spyware cleaner and registry cleaner are two separate programs. So, it is just as easy and just as wise to buy a separate spyware cleaner and registry cleaner program.

For one thing, by doing it this way youll be able to get the best of each program.

After you have these two programs installed on your computer, the general rule is to use the spyware cleaner twice a week and the registry cleaner about once a month. If however, your spyware cleaner found and removed malicious spyware from your PC on one of its routine spyware scans, you should clean the registry shortly after. This is because spyware, even after it has been removed, will leave false entries in the registry.

In the final conclusion, registry cleaners and spyware cleaners have very important roles in keeping your computer in top condition. However, one is not capable of doing the others job. It is also important to remember a good spyware cleaner has the additional responsibility of keeping your personal information out of the hands of devious on-line stalkers.


About the Author (text)The author is a certified computer technician familiar with the operation, repair and upkeep of today\'s PC\'s. His site, reviews the top Spyware and rates the best registry programs.

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