Introduction to CECT Hiphone Cell phone

CECT Hiphone I32 is the latest and the most updated "iphone clones" from China, like the previous cloned version 599, A8+, A380i, Hiphone has more features such as multi-touch control on image, like what iphone does, and have a great improvement on the screen surface, looks 99% alike iphone on the appearance.
When it comes to the smoothness of the operations for Hiphone and Iphone, it's obvious that Hiphone still have a great improvements to be done to make it operates like Iphone. But She has some features that Iphone missed, like 6 surround sound speakers, Dual Sim Supported, Unlocked (carrier free, buyer can choose what carrier they like), Shake Control( for MP3 and wallpaper), Durable battery for longer standby or talk time. .

Features for Hiphone
-- Tri-Band : 900/1800/1900 HZ
-- Languages Supported : English, Chinese (simp), Chinese(traditional), France, Vietnamese
-- Dimensions : 112 x 57 x 15mm
-- Weight : 135g
-- Display : 16:9 Large Screen Display - Touch Screen (like Iphone) - 3.5" big screen that supports finger touch and no keypad or touch pen needed.

-- MP3/MP4/Camera/Webcam/MMS/WAP Supported
-- Memory Card : T-Flash Card, Expandable to 2GB
-- Shaking Features, shake control for the next mp3 songs
-- Multiple Point control, like what iphone does
-- Unlocked to any major phone service carrier.
-- Capturing, video capturing, photo viewing, screen rotation
-- One-Key Return
-- Dual-sim Card,supports SIM card switching.
-- Bluetooth Supported.

Stylus is not included, touch by fingers only. Unlike the previous cect touch cell phones, Hiphone can only be controlled by fingers, but not stylus.

You can see more specifications and pricing by visiting the HIPHONE

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