Not Your Boring Old Picture Frame Anymore

In a world that's fast turning digital in every respect, could picture frames be left behind? Yes, today picture frames are going digital too and giving us such a wonderful choice of pictures in a new-age format! What exactly is a digital picture frame? There are two types you can get - one just displays pictures from a memory card and the other can be connected to a phone line so you get pictures from all over that get downloaded onto it. A digital picture frame looks just like a regular LCD screen. You can see just one picture on it or you can view many in a slideshow format. Of course, if it's connected to your PC, the pictures can keep changing depending on where they are being downloaded from.

They are not like the regular picture frames in that they do not have glass to protect the picture. Since it is in a digital format, it does not need glass protection! They are very often around the same size as the normal, traditional picture frame, which is a 5"x7" size. If you want something larger, you'll find that it can be pretty expensive as it then needs a higher resolution. Some of them have a fixed number of pictures they can display while others can let you view an unlimited number. These picture frames can run on batteries or can be plugged into the power supply.

Digital picture frames are usually compatible with JPEG images. Some of course are compatible with MPEG so make sure you check before you buy. You could also check for the following so as to know what exactly your digital picture frame will offer you.

It can display pictures in both the landscape mode and the portrait mode, that is, both horizontal and vertical pictures. It rotates it automatically and displays it. You can also choose to set the time when a picture has to change to the next in a slideshow. You have the power to change the contrast, color and brightness of the pictures and you can always turn it off and put it into a "sleep" mode when you don't want the display running.

Some of them come with upgradeable features so you can just download an upgrade whenever necessary. Check with the dealer about this. One of the great things about a digital picture frame is that even though it's such a modern-day gadget, people of every age love it. It makes a perfect gift too and it can even be given to much older people who don't own a computer. The digital world is theirs to enjoy as it can be plugged in and viewed as well.

All you need to do is show them how it works so they can have fun playing around with it and adjusting it for viewing. All at the push of a button. It's a great display piece and you'll find it's an even greater conversation piece. Even at home, what better way to show off your holiday to your friends than by keeping your digital picture frame in full display and having a slideshow of your best pictures playing on it. You couldn't ask for a more captive audience!.

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