Space Saving Office Furniture And Office Cubicles

Today businesses are facing a number of challenges in the workplace. With an ever-growing work force, available space has become a number one issue for companies. Most of them outgrow their existing space and the challenge becomes space planning and utilization. MAiSPACE, the number one name in office system furniture, provides innovative space planning and utilization tools, design services and space saving office furniture.

At MAiSPACE, we know that in the work environment, floor-planning is everything. The company's Vice President Mark Bassil explains, "When planning office interiors companies must realize that floor plans and their requirements are going to change at some point. This calls for modular products that do it easily without sacrificing structural soundness - which is a central theme and focus at MAiSPACE.

The benefit is improved flexibility, moving forward, while reducing costly installation and reconfiguration time. It also diminishes the need to buy new parts every time modifications are made." If you expect your business to grow, you can plan to use modular furniture in order to expand when your need for office space and storage increases.

As your needs alter, therefore, you can update the configuration of your modular office furniture to keep pace with those needs. These office cubicles can also be adapted if your business stays the same size, but your focus changes. This may mean reconfiguring your workspace, but that is no problem at all with our easy to reconfigure office systems furniture. As well as being built to last, MAiSPACE office cubicles are perfectly capable of growing and changing with your business and making life extremely manageable no matter what new changes arise that entail new office furniture configuration. The philosophy behind MAiSPACE's space saving office systems furniture is increased flexibility and functionality with a completely movable office where floor plans are easily modified and reconfigured. At MAiSPACE, we create functional workstations that perfectly meet the needs of individuals and businesses at the same time.

We offer a full range of quality space saving furniture such as easy-to-install-and-reconfigure modular office cubicles, ergonomic office desks, and office chairs to help companies quickly and easily find the right workspace solution at the right price. At MAiSPACE, we offer multiple workspace solutions that allow businesses to use their office space through maximally efficient means. We give you the flexibility to convert your common area to a boardroom or conference room by using MAiSPACE full floor-to-ceiling panels. You can select from a large choice of airflow, glass, fabric, wood grain and other panel segment options to create custom designs that will precisely accommodate your needs.

Patented, knocked down and ready-to-assemble frames equipped with self aligning connectors simplify moving elements into and throughout the building reducing installation costs. It can also reduce the number of framing components required. It gives you unlimited possibilities to transform your workplace according to your needs. Easily assembled and disassembled panel frames give you flexibility and allow you to reduce and expand floor space virtually instantaneously. The modular workstation can be easily taken apart and then re-assembled at low cost and without disturbing the workforce.

You can reconfigure an office floor plan in a couple of hours also without disrupting the entire local area network (LAN) or calling for help. "For example," explains Mark Bassil, "only two horizontal sub-assemblies plus two shared vertical uprights are required to support panel frames up to 8 feet wide. Frames can easily be added to or removed from runs without disturbing adjacent structures." MAiSPACE also offers a sophisticated cable management system.

Unrestricted cable pathway access simplifies changes to the existing network. Frames provide unobstructed cable pathways top to bottom. Cable runs are laid in behind lift-off panel segments; not bundled and fished through structural elements. Off-modular design allows flexibility in workspace size, configuration and in locating bins, shelves, and divider panels.

MAiSPACE offers reconfigurable space saving furniture at a great value. Our principles are quality, flexibility, simplicity, elegance, and function. MAiSPACE supports its space-saving office systems furniture with a lifetime warranty, for as long as you own the product. At MAiSPACE we combine latest technology with comfort to accommodate the evolving needs of your business. Established in 1993, MAiSPACE has approximately 250 employees worldwide, and a North American installed base of more than $150 million. MAiSPACE combines global sourcing and supply chain management with a streamlined just-in-time manufacturing and distribution system to reduce costs across the board and ensure fast delivery.

Also, with a team of nationwide dealers, offices and distribution facilities on both East and West coasts, and free CAD services to purchasing customers, MAiSPACE is always confident and proud in delivering any size project on time and on budget. will help business owners and operators make smart choices in Systems Furniture and Modern Office Furniture for their offices and selecting the right Office Cubicles.

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