The Secrets of Online Data Backup Service

Data makes up the world and without secure data, there would be little money to be made on the Internet or with any business that offers an Internet based service. Internet business creates files and files need a home that can not be broken into, will not be stolen or lost and are always there when the business needs them to be. These are the secrets of online data backup service.

Online data backup service is really a hard drive or server. In all reality, many people believe that the online of online data backup service means the files they entrust with the data company will be floating somewhere in cyberspace, but this is not the case. While the files will have to travel through cyberspace in order to reach the data storage company, there are methods of protecting those files to prevent their theft and subsequent usage by persons other than the company.

The files passed through the Internet connection to the server or hard drive of the data storage company are encrypted. Encryption is a security feature that takes the information housed on the files and turns them into unreadable text.

This encryption is so advanced that even if a person were to reach in and pick a file out of the air, the file would not contain any information about the company. The highest levels of encryption are utilized and in turn the literal words are encoded to the point that even a computer system would have trouble breaking the code.

Yet another secret of the online data backup service is the actual storing of the files. A business may think, why am I paying a service provider to keep my files on a hard drive when that is the exact place the files are housed right now? Well, the servers or hard drives used by data storage companies are better for two reasons. First, the hard drives are not located within the same facility as the business.

If there were to be a disaster of some sort, the files who remain safe and sound right where they are on the data storage companies file system. Secondly, a data storage company will often use more than one server or hard drive to house the files. This means double backup (triple if you count the copy the company is using!)

Online data storage offers one last secret to the business and that is extensive portability. How many flash drives would it take to run your business from Japan, right now? If your home office is not in Japan, you can figure a lot of hard drives. And, once you reached your destination, how would be present an effective business model if all of your files are not easily accessed? An online data storage company allows your business to be there, on the spot, no matter the location and the user does not need to take out a collection of flash drives to do it.

The ultimate secret of online data storage is that it works.

Online data storage offers the business a way to backup those files in a quick, safe, encrypted, unreadable and portable fashion. A business need not worry about the safety of their files or their company when online data storage is used as the secure (secret) means of file backup.


About the Author (text)Jordan Macpelt has been writing articles for numerous industries, and one of his specialties is Data Backup. You can learn more about Data Backup at

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